As an active freelance Palestinian artist with a master’s degree from the Hochschule der Künste Berlin (HdK), now the Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK), Osama Said points to many years of teaching in the field of visual arts in addition to international exhibitions.
Today he focuses on creative work in his studios in Berlin (Germany) as well as in his hometown Nahef (Galilee). There you can see some of his works as well as get an insight into his artistic style.
His artistic career began in 1974, when he took part in his first painting and modeling courses in the studio of the well-known Palestinian artist Abed Abdi. These inspired him so much that he moved to Jerusalem in 1980 to attend courses at the Bezalel Art Academy. At that time he was already giving painting classes at the Peleh Centre / Youth Department of a museum in Jerusalem.
Already there he was particularly fascinated by the depth in German Expressionism. Due to the good reputation of German art academies, Said moved to Germany in 1981. In the winter semester of 1982 he was able to begin his studies at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin (HdK). In all taught techniques and disciplines, from drawing, various painting techniques to sculpture and etching, Said also trained in various printing techniques, as well as color production, restoration of paintings and sculptures, as well as in gilding.
In 1988, in the master class of Professor Marwan, Said graduated as a master student with honors. He then received the coveted Nafög scholarship from the HdK for two years in a row, which enabled him to deepen what he had learned. Here Said searched for new techniques with different materials and processes, experimented and intensified the work.
In the years 1991 to 1993 followed several work contracts from the Berlin Senate for Education and Culture for the production of paintings. Since then Said has worked as a freelance artist. His special interest in international art encouraged him to visit many countries.
Thus, Said was able to visit the major museums and exhibitions in the USA, France, England, Italy, Spain, Russia, Norway, Denmark, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Morocco and Greece, among others. By studying the originals, he was able to get an authentic picture of the development of art in these countries and learn about the different paths, especially modernism. A one-month stay in New York did the rest.
Through Said’s own exhibitions in various countries of the world with the associated press conferences and lectures, the rather introverted painting got a component of the transmission of the inside, with its ideological philosophical backgrounds, to the outside.
The aspect of mediation thus moved to the side of artistic creation. In 1998, Said returned to Galilee to bring his experience to the art scene there. Working as an art teacher in several colleges, including teaching fine arts at BarIlan College of Safad University.
As a tender winner of several competitions, Said was able to realize art projects in various municipalities in the country, for example, the design of fountains, art on buildings and artistic school design.
In addition to large-scale painting with oil paints, Said particularly enjoys working with materials such as wood, stone, clay, plaster, bronze, concrete and metal. Exploring effects, experimenting with materials, are intrinsic to the work and always highly interesting.
Said’s pedagogical style contains in a central place to direct the students’ gaze to the content of things. To seek the essence, to learn to “see.” To approach the essence, also through inner contemplation. To overcome one’s own fears, doubts and insecurities. To let the potential, the power from deep within penetrate and flow outward. In the end, to give way to optimism and to fix ways to the good through artistic expression in a formative way.
One of the goals is also to encourage young adults to educate themselves in a variety of ways and to be open-eyed, attentive and interested. Said is important to arrive at a “healthy” creativity of modernity in the mental balance of logic and instinct and to accompany the students in this process. Doing his own work, incessantly researching new ways of expression and materials moves him as much as the joy of passing on his experience in an open, concentrated and energetic way.

Curriculum Vitae
Born in the year 1957 in Nahf, Galilee
1976/77: A-levels Rameh Grammar School
1978-1980: Bank apprenticeship at Barclays Bank
1980: Art courses in Bezalel Academy of Art Jerusalem
1981: Move to Germany
1982: Start of art studies at the Berlin University of the Arts
1988: Master of Arts degree at the Berlin University of the Arts
1989-1990: Nafög Scholarship (Promotion of young talent by the Berlin Senate)
1990 1998: Freelance artist in Berlin
1998-2009: Art teacher at various colleges in Galilee
2009-2011: Gallery owner of the Galerie Phoenix in Potsdam
2011-2015: Freelance artist
2015-2016: Head of the youth centre for art education
2016-2019: Programme Manager and Lecturer for Art at the University of Haifa

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